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Eye Examinations

At Cranmers, our opticians offers up to 50% more time with you to fully assess your needs, so you will never feel rushed. You will also be able to choose to see the same optician each time you visit us.

We believe that the level of technology available to us today far exceeds the standards that were set to conduct a NHS sight test in 1989. This NHS standard has not altered during this time. We would like to look at your eyes in 3D with an OCT scan and conduct hospital standard procedure tests, which will give us a much greater understanding of your ocular health.


What is OCT? OCT allows us to see beneath the surface of the back of your eye (the retina), enabling us to detect abnormalities at an incredibly early stage. This advanced scan is used in most hospital Ophthalmology departments.

OCT enables us to look at your eyes in a unique way, it’s 3D, something we can’t achieve with our standard instruments. This will give you peace of mind that we are looking at your eyes with the most advanced, up to date equipment in optometry today.

The scan is quick and painless and we look at and discuss the images with you, storing them in your own personal file, enabling us to compare images of your ocular health each time you visit us.

If a problem is detected, you can rest assured it will be at its earliest stages, giving you the best chance to have sight saving treatment when it is at its most effective.

OCT has aided us to detect and diagnose all kinds of eye disease such as Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Retinal Detachments and a great deal more.

Sight Test Options

  • Cranmers Sight Test for NHS Patients – £18
  • Standard NHS Sight Test – FREE
  • Private Cranmers Sight Test – £39

The cost of a Cranmers Sight Test (along with a NHS contribution) is £18 for the over 60’s or for anyone with NHS entitlement.

You are still very welcome to book a standard NHS sight test which is free of charge. A Cranmers Sight Test for private patients aged under 60 (or without any NHS entitlement) costs £39 an includes a 3D scan and peripheral vision test when appropriate.


This is a free specialist service for recently occurring eye problems. In the past you may have sought advice and treatment from your G.P, pharmacist or Eye Hospital.

Low Vision Clinic

This is a free service, available to those who struggle with everyday tasks such as reading letters, newspapers etc. Visual aids can be provided on free loan.

Cranmer’s have introduced a pioneering service to offer specialist support to patients who are undergoing or already have a diagnosis of a debilitating eye condition.

Following reports in the optical press about the understanding and psychological effects of sight loss, we offer patients who are diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition free access to a specialist clinic run within the practice.This enables them to talk through the potential effects that such a diagnosis can have on their day to day lives, practical solutions for day to day living and if appropriate onward referrals to offer support networks.

This means that patients are given the full professional support they need outside of an eye examination to fully understand how visual problems will impact on their lives.

Julie Dyer, Low vision Therapist, Orthoptist D.B.O.

Blepharitis and BlephEx Treatment


Blepharitis is one of the most common diseases optometrists see in practice. Most patients have it and it becomes more prevalent as we get older.

Can you see it?

Usually the eyelid margin appears reddened and your eyelashes show crusting. It is at this point that patients seek advice.

Does it go away?

The problem with blepharitis is its persistence and reoccurrence. Managing it as opposed to curing it is the best way to approach it and treatment can vary from person to person depending on its severity.

There is however a new innovative product available that can bring much needed relief to blepharitis sufferers. At Cranmer’s we are very excited as one of the first optical practices in the UK to offer you this treatment.


What is it?

It’s an absorbent disposable micro-sponge soaked in a antimicrobial solution and spun along the eyelids. The spinning mechanism targets the biofilm and removes the debris. A new micro-sponge is used for each eyelid to avoid cross-contamination.

What does it cost?

Similar to your dental hygienist, it is a 15 minute appointment and costs £50.

BlephEx has been nominated for optical product of the year at our annual industry awards

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