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Cranmers Spectacle Lenses

Along with single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses, our lenses can be toughened (scratch resistant), transitions (photochromatic/reactolite), tinted, or anti-glare (reflection free, great for night driving or computer use).

Cranmers Optometrists, in conjunction with lens specialists Seiko and Essilor use lenses with leading edge technology to provide the thinnest and lightest result. Our varifocals can be made to take into account individual needs, resulting in the best performance for you.

Do you use a computer, laptop or iPad?

Did you know that most reading glasses are not the correct strength to focus effectively at the computer screen? This leads to your eyes working harder than they need to causing eye strain. That means tired, heavy eyes for you! Ask us about occupational lenses to keep your eyes fresh and your vision clear.

Cranmers Optometrists Seiko Lenses Offer
Cranmers Optometrists Seiko Lenses Offer

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