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Cranmers & Exmoor Eyecare in Minehead

On the 4th January 2021, Exmoor Eyecare relocated just up the road to join our friends at Cranmers Optometrists.

You will still see the same friendly faces, as well as some new ones too.

To accommodate the move, Cranmers Optometrists will further expand its facilities, giving you a more spacious environment and can offer you even better technology and range of frames.

All of the patient records have been safely and confidentially transferred to Cranmers Optometrists. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our new premises.

We will write to you when you are due for your examination and if you have any questions in the mean time, please do not hesitate to contact us on our new number 01643 702 204.

Cranmers Optometrists have been caring for the eye health of the Minehead community for over 100 years. We are delighted that our newly combined practice will be able to offer an even better service.

Our passion for eyecare ensures you enjoy a best-in-class experience every time you visit. Whether it’s for an eye examination, contact lens appointment, or to pick up the latest designer frames or sunglasses.


I took my spectacles in to Cranmers for a repair. They not only replaced it, they cleaned the lenses and tightened up various falling-apart bits on the arms, without even being asked to. And then charged 0 pence! Thank you Cranmers for delightful staff, and efficient and generous service.

State Of The Art Technology

Providing you with the very best eyecare possible has always been
our number one priority. As a key part of our commitment to providing our patients with outstanding service, we have invested in the latest technology for examining your eyes, which allows us to see further than ever before and detect potential conditions long before symptoms arise.

High Quality Lenses

Our Dispensing Opticians, who collectively have over 25 years of expertise to call upon, will assess your visual needs, taking into account your prescription and lifestyle requirements
to recommend the best solution for you. As an independent we understand that the best customer experience is one that is tailored to your individual needs, so we will always endeavour to provide a bespoke service.

Designer Frames

At Cranmers Optometrists,

we want to make sure that you leave with the perfect specs. That’s why we offer an extensive collection of the latest brands of glasses, so we can guarantee that the right pair is available to suit your unique style preferences. We even offer complimentary style consultations to help you choose the frames that best reflect you and your personality.


Our Optometrists assess every aspect of your eye health to provide you with a tailored solution. We continually invest in the latest equipment and technology to enhance our ability to do this.

Our Optometrists assess every aspect of your eye health to provide you with a tailored solution. We continually invest in the latest equipment and technology to enhance our ability to do this.


Low Vision Therapy

A free service, available to those who struggle with everyday tasks such as reading letters, newspapers etc.


Private Sight Tests

Our clinical knowledge coupled with the latest technology ensures that you receive the best eyecare possible.



Our Acute Commmuntiy Eyecare Service provides emergency eyecare appointments for minor eye conditions.


OHT Monitoring

A community monitoring programme for Ocular Hyper-Tension, a potentially damaging raised eye pressure.


Private Sight Tests

Our clinical knowledge coupled with the latest technology ensures that you receive the best eyecare possible.


Children’s Eyecare

Children may receive NHS eye examinations up until 16 years of age, or 19 if they remain in full-time education.

Optical Coherence Tomography


OCT looks beneath the eye’s surface to check for glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and more.


Cataracts Management

Our specialists advise various solutions and tips to ensure patients are as comfortable as possible.

1908 - 1968

  • Cranmers Optometrists was established by HE Cranmer all the way back in 1908. The practice was originally located on the opposite side of Park Street, where Mr Cranmer practised for over 30 years.

  • Our next optician was Mr Pickford who married Mr Cranmer’s daughter. For the next 30 years he worked in partnership with Mr Askew, under the practice name of 'Cranmer and Askew'. Mr Gaylard, another partner joined us during this time, but sadly died in 1968 aged only 46.

1968 - 2004

  • Derek Webb joined the practice in 1969, and upon Mr Askew’s exit formed a partnership with Mr Melhuish that lasted until Mr Webb's retirement in 2004.

  • Mrs Melhuish, also an optician, joined the practice in 1984.

2004 - 2021

  • Mr Melhuish officially retired from the practice in 2008 but continued to work alongside its current owners until 2010, at which point he decided to put down his ophthalmoscope for good!

  • Mr Askew's son Anthony (who was born above the practice some 70 years ago!) returned to the practice during this time to help out when needed. After over 50 years of service to optometry he retired in 2013.

  • Cranmers goes from strength to strength joining forces with Exmoor Eyecare Minehead to form Minehead's premier eyewear and eyecare destination.


  • To bring Cranmers heritage up to date, Kate Webb and Damien Reavey developed this historical practice its current format enhancing the practice’s clinical reputation with the introduction of the latest technology. Under Kate’s watchful eye the practice expanded it range of frames and built an expert team ready to help every customer and ensure a warm welcome at the practice. 

  • To expand the provision of care to the Minehead community Optometrists Philippa Hales and Alice Cottle joined the Cranmers team, Philippa has a long history of practicing in the town and Alice, a graduate of Plymouth University replaces Mr Reavey and takes the position of lead Optometrist.

  • We continue to have many patients who have been coming to the practice for over 40 years, and one who has been coming since 1928!


When you walk through our doors you will experience the professionalism, expertise, care and relaxing atmosphere that can only come from a family practice.

Being an independent allows us the freedom to stock some of the most sought-after designer brands, many of which you won’t be able to find elsewhere on the high street.

You will have access to our enormous range of designer glasses and sunglasses including Eco, Face a Face, Götti, Modo, Reykjavik Eyes and Serengeti to name just a few.

Cranmers Optometrists & Exmoor Eyecare location map

Cranmers Optometrists,12 Park St, Minehead, TA24 5NQ


For further information, please call 01643 702 204.

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